Overview of Rents Charged

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Date: February 2008
Source: Ring Deutscher Makler (RDM) (Associated German estate agents) / Peters-Immobilien Giessen (Estate agents in Giessen)
Indication of rent levels in Euro, net / excluding bills

Office premises in town


Average standard
(No special demands for representative fittings)

€/m² 5,00

Good or very good standard
(Good access, parking lots in immediate vicinity)

€/m² 7,00

Very good or most modern standard
(In modern terms well fitted and well designed, representative premises, representative location, parking spaces in front of premises or in own underground car park

€/m² 9,00

Office premises in industrial estates


Good or very good standard, good access, parking lots, representative building

€/m² 6,10 – 7,50

Prices depend on accessibility, connections and size, fittings, ceiling height and available parking and unbuilt area. Office areas in halls and sales halls are not included.


Heated and dry

€/m² 2,50 – 3,90


€/m² 1,50 – 2,00

Shop units
Prices refer to usual design of rooms with an appropriate shop front on ground level in the centre and close by. Extra rooms or storage space are not included. Higher or lower rents for certain branches may be charged. Higher prices refer especially to very small shops. Some deviations may result from less suitable designs. In side streets and adjoining areas the rents are also below the stated levels.


Top location
(Pedestrian precinct / Seltersweg)

  • small shops
  • larger shops

€/m² 50,00
€/m² 45,00

Second best location
(Pedestrian precinct / Löwengasse, Plockstraße, Kaplansgasse, CityCenter, Neuenweg)

  • Units ~ 60 m²
  • Units ~ 100 m²

€/m² 20,00
€/m² 15,00

Near to central locations
(e.g. Brandplatz, Marktplatz, Kirchenplatz)

  • Units ~ 60 m²
  • Units ~ 100 m²


€/m² 10,00 – 12,00
€/m² 7,50

If you need any more information or are interested in business units (also plots which have not yet been built on) to suit your purposes, please contact

Universitätsstadt Giessen
Abteilung Wirtschaftsförderung (Department of Economic Promotion)
Neuen Bäue 2
D-35390 Giessen