Technological Transfer  –  Interface to the Economy

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In Giessen bridges are built between the most different economic disciplines, between the universities and between the universities and the economy.

Linking science with the economy on the one hand and public service on the other hand leads to a successful development of businesses oriented to technology.

Two institutions are exemplary in the promotion of technological transfer in the region:

TransMIT GmbH

You are a business person and are on the lookout for an innovative solution to your problem?
You are a scientist and want to market your innovative ideas or technologies or even to set up in business?
Then it might be a good idea to get in touch with TransMIT GmbH. TransMIT works at the interface between universities and economy and provides a platform for marketing university know-how. Giessen’s two universities and the university of Marburg are all members of TransMIT.

  • TransMIT provides companies with information about focuses of business, research results and developments in universities, helps people looking for ideas and innovations and suggests contacts and partners. Scientists support you when you want to have inventions protected and offer assistance in marketing technologies and developments.
  • TransMIT advises in questions of communication and views itself as a network in which university and economy come together – with an infrastructure and connections that make the transfer simple for all those concerned.
  • TransMIT looks after renowned firms working in Pharmaceuticals / Medicine, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Automobiles, Installation and Mechanical Construction, Electrotechnology, Optics, Information technology, New Media, Telecommunication, Trade, Services.

There are over 30 TransMIT-Centres, oriented to their own subject and which are run by renowned scientists as independently operating business areas. Companies use these centres to gain access to products, advice and services from the central Hessian universities.

Patents, Consultancy for Innovations and Setting up in Business
TransMIT’s branch for patents, innovation and setting up in business is the body to contact if you are a small or medium-sized company oriented to growth, a founder or inventor, especially those from universities. It picks up problems of promoting innovation and makes the necessary products and services available:

  • Making innovations (prototypes) available, patents and licenses for small or medium-sized companies (KMU);
  • Innovation consultancy for small or medium-sized companies ("TransMIT- growth programme");
  • Comprehensive consultancy for firms, that want to introduce innovative products
    TransMIT technology-oriented consultancy for setting up in business (supported by the Hessian Ministry for Economy);
  • Several day consultation with a professional business plan being created to present to the providers of capital (banks / venture capital companies);
  • Making use of inventions coming from universities and small or medium-sized firms;
  • Finding potential licensees in the economy;
  • Inventor consultancy for members of the university;
  • Inventor consultancy and provision of information to protect know-how gained from the members’ universities.

The demands made by complex international orders can be met through a network of partners for utilization and co-operation for North America, Great Britain and Japan.

TransMIT Gesellschaft für Technologietransfer mbH
(Company for technological transfer)
Contact: Dr. Christian Schulze
Kerkrader Straße 3
35394 Giessen
Tel.: 0641 94364-0
Fax: 0641 94364-99

TZM - Transferzentrum Mittelhessen (Transfer Centre in Central Hesse)

The Transfer Centre in Central Hesse (TZM) is the joint office for the transfer of knowledge and technology affiliated to the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, University of Applied Sciences Giessen-Friedberg and the Philipps-University of Marburg. The research departments of these three universities are connected to the TZM. City councils, regional governments as well as Chambers of Industry and Commerce in the area are some of their financial supporters.

TZM’s central fields of activity include collating, processing and distributing information on the research and development work performed at the three central Hessian universities as well as liaising between the economy and science.


  • Research promotion
  • Research reports
  • Trade fairs and events
  • Further education

Since it was founded in 1991 the transfer centre has built up a practically focused transfer between the universities and the regional economy in various different projects. The most important current and completed projects performed by TZM are:

  • Internet projects
  • Branch reports
  • Biotechnology-Initiative Central Hesse
  • Electronic business traffic
  • Disincorporations

Transferzentrum Mittelhessen (Transfer Centre in Hesse)
Contact: Heinz Kraus
Ostanlage 25
35390 Giessen
Tel.: 0641 306-2188
Fax: 0641 306-2189

TransMit GmbH