Important Industries

Schlüsselbranche Life Sciences
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Life Sciences, a forward-looking research and industrial sector in Giessen

The interdisciplinary sciences, methods, products and services are represented with the focal points of medical engineering, biotechnology, environmental technology and pharmaceutics. The site of Giessen offers ideal conditions.

Pascoe pharmazeutische Präparate GmbH
ScheBo Biotech AG
Thomas Recording GmbH
Universitätsklinikum Gießen-Marburg GmbH

Networks & Cooperations
timm - Technologie & Innovation, Medizinregion Mittelhessen
TransMIT Centres

Metall- & Elektrotechnik
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Metal and Electrical Engineering – Universities, Technology Transfer and Companies focus on this industry in Giessen

This key industry in Germany also has an above-average significance in the region of Giessen. Universities, administration and economy offer a very good environment for investing in this field.

Canon Giessen GmbH
Tucker GmbH
Johannes Hübner GmbH
Werth Messtechnik GmbH

Networks & Cooperations
Automotive-Cluster Mittelhessen
HESSENMETALL - Bezirksgruppe Mittelhessen
TransMIT Centres
Unternehmensbezogene Dienstleistungen
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Corporate Services in the field of Research and Development

In the field of research and development, there are also services which influence the competitive ability of companies. Some companies have settled in Giessen through their close cooperation with the universities.  

Alcedis GmbH
Milenia Biotec GmbH

Networks & Cooperations
timm - Technologie & Innovation, Medizinregion Mittelhessen

Cultural Industry – Not just a soft location factor in Giessen

Many forms of the cultural and creative industry can be found in Giessen. Independent artists, publicists and other freelancers together with many small and medium-sized companies are based here. The region is particularly successful in the musical industry.  

Brunnen Verlag GmbH
Mittelhessische Druck- und Verlags GmbH
DTT Konzerte GmbH
Musikzentrale Giessen

Networks & Cooperations 
kümmerei - Project to strengthen the local cultural industry