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Apart from our Department of Economic Promotion there are many other associations, groups and institutions that will help you to get started up.






Business Angel Beteiligungs AG
Business Angels offer theentrepreneuer capital andknow-how in return for ashare in the comany.Several Business Angelswork together in the formof a syndicate to supportand advise entrepreneurs.
Spilburgstraße 3
D-35578 Wetzlar
Tel.: +49 6641 4492426
Mobil: 0172 6856582
E-Mail: frank.wilhelmi@business-angel.ag


Hessen-IT, Projektbereich Mobiles Arbeiten
c/o NAOS Apart from encouraging theintroduction of teleworking thisaction line in Hesse runsinformation events together withregional associations and offerscompanies or communalauthorities advice free of chargewhen they want to considerintroducing teleworking. 
Contact: Detlef Persin
Karl-Benner-Straße 27
D-35396 Gießen
Tel.: +49 641 7950 333
Fax: +49 641 7950 334
E-Mail: detlef.persin@hessen-it.de


Initiative Frauen, Leben und Mentoring programme for women and femaleentrepreneurs
Arbeit in Mittelhessen
(Initiative for women working and
living in Central Hesse)
Ulrike Hoffmann 
Margarete-Bieber-Weg 35
D-35396 Gießen
Tel.: +49 641 491798
E-Mail: ulrike.hoffmann@ifla.de
Internet: www.ifla.de


Industrie- und Handelskammer  
  Advice and an extensive seminar offer for those setting up in business is given by the IHK(Chamber of Industry andCommerce). Information aboutpublic financial assistanceplays a particularly important roleas the IHK supports thoseintending to become self-employed by making reports tothe banks and public institutions.Furthermore the IHK establishescontacts to company proprietorswho might be looking forsomeone to take over their firm.
(Chamber of Industry and
Contact: Dietmar Kübler
Lonystraße 7
D-35390 Giessen
Tel.: +49 6031 609 2515
Fax: +49 6031 609 52515

E-Mail: kuebler@giessen-friedberg.ihk.de



Kreishandwerkerschaft Giessen  
(Local Association of Craftsmen) The business office in the "Haus des Handwerks" givesinformation on basic questionsand conditions of becomingself-employed as a craftsman,as well as on the legal types ofcompany and official grants.  
Goethestr. 10
D-35390 Giessen
Tel.: +49 641 97490-0
Fax: +49 641 97490-60
E-Mail: kh-giessen@t-online.de


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