Industrial Properties

Industrial Estates

Giessen currently has eleven industrial estates in the centre of Hesse, which are connected optimally to the regional transport routes. Additional areas which are just as easily accessible and close to the city are underway. For example, the Leihgesterner Weg technical and commercial park is in planning. Approx. 50 hectares are to be developed there for commercial use. Of this area 6 hectares are intended to be the special “technology park” area.

Large free areas are currently available in six areas:

Schiffenberger Tal

In the last few years, an attractive mix of service providers, innovative producers and retail shops have developed here. Currently, there is still industrial and commercial space available, together with mixed use areas.
The approx. 150 hectare area is in the south-east of Giessen. It has a direct motorway connection and a good connection by bus and rail.
Development plan of Grüninger Pfad
Development plans of Gießen-Süd

Marburger Straße / West

There are settlement opportunities here for service providers and small craft producers and businesses as well as space for expansion for resident companies.
The area is in the north of the city. There is a motorway connection in direct proximity.
Development plans of Wieseck


This industrial estate – a converted former military base – has developed into one of the leading addresses in Germany for innovative and technology focused companies. In particular, companies with approx. 1000 workplacesfrom the branches of bioengineering, medical engineering and environmental technology as well as communication and information technology have settled here .
TIG GmbH operates the start-up and innovation centre, which was founded in 1996, in Giessen’s Europaviertel. The centre has 2000 m² of rentable office space. The company also operates the technology centre, completed in 2001, with an additional 3000 m² rentable office and laboratory space. TIG GmbH focuses mainly on start-ups and young companies from the fields of bioengineering and medical engineering, media, information and communication technology as well as geology, geography and the environment. Some plots are still free and are being marketed by the city of Giessen.
The 59 hectare area is in the east of Giessen, directly on the B 457 and just 500 m from a motorway connection. An industrial track is available.
Development plan for “Europaviertel” (Steubenkaserne) [PDF: 2,7 MB]
Reasons for “Europaviertel” [PDF: 1,3 MB]


The area is characterised by the production sites of the company Canon and companies from the construction industry and the vehicle trade. The free commercial areas are particularly suitable for producers.
The 18 hectare commercial area, located in the north-east of Giessen, is located close to a junction of the Giessener Ring.
Development plan for “Krebsacker” (Rödgen) [PDF: 3.7 MB]
Reasons for “Krebsacker” [PDF: 1.2 MB]

Am Langen Strich

A new commercial area in the south of the city, near the A 45. The area is on the edge of the Lützellinden district and has an overall surface area of 11,000 m². An ideal site for smaller craft producers and commercial businesses.
Development plan for “Am langen Strich” [PDF: 3 MB]
Reasons for “Am langen Strich” [PDF: 118 KB]

Rechtenbacher Hohl

Directly located on the A 45, the commercial area is near the Lützellinden district. In the short-term, 165,000 m² are available for production and logistics.
Development plan for “Rechtenbacher Hohl” [PDF: 1.7 MB]
Reasons for “Rechtenbacher Hohl” [PDF: 162 KB]
Overview of industrial estates

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