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Gelber Bauhelm © Gina Sanders - Fotolia
Gelber Bauhelm © Gina Sanders - Fotolia
The Department of Economic Promotion has set up their own market for business premises so that companies interested in setting up in Giessen will find things easier. Our extensive data bank enables you to compare offers and demand.

Interested companies and startups can find areas which have or have not been built on, premises for office, practice or laboratory use, retail units, workshops or halls as well as complete business plots. Most of them are privately owned but some belong to the town and are available for renting or purchasing. The Department of Economic Promotion does not act as an estate agent but provides detailed information for interested parties and may also liaise with the owner or the estate agent in charge. Properties belonging to the town that are currently on offer and some privately owned objects can be found directly in the data bank.

Anyone offering premises for sale or for rent can ask to have their premises included in our data bank and will be informed if an appropriate inquiry has been received.

This service is free of charge for those offering and those seeking premises! A fee is only payable on completed transactions that have been negotiated by an estate agent if a transaction is really made. Please use our forms for your search or your offer.

Form to make an inquiry

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