Retail Trade

Giessen, the regional metropolis of the region of Central Hesse, is the most important retail trade site in the region.

The retail trade-relevant buying power potential of over 4.1 billion Euro/year and a far-above-average purchasing power retention allude to the strength and appeal of Giessen as a shopping hub. On a weekend, thousands of customers, even from the outer regions, stream into the regional metropolis and take advantage of the extensive and attractive offers.

In the extensive Giessen pedestrian zone with Seltersweg – a traditional shopping street in the city centre – there are department stores and emporiums, specialised shops and branches, which considerably shape  the character of the city.

Extensive retail trade can be found in the Gewerbegebiet West and in the Schiffenberger Tal. Here, DIY stores, sports and electrical shops, furniture stores and consumer markets predominate.

Galerie Neustädter Tor, Foto: Franz Möller
Galerie Neustädter Tor, Foto: Franz Möller
In 2005, the "Galerie Neustädter Tor" opened with about 80 specialist stores and retail warehouses and 1,200 car parking spaces, thus strengthening Giessen as the central commercial site in Central Hesse.

You can obtain essential information about the retail site of Giessen from the business development department. Retail floor space is offered through the Industrial Real Estate Exchange.

The retail trade-relevant indicators according (on.point Retail City Profile 2012)

  • Buying power: 92,8
  • Turnover: 200,1
  • Centrality: 215,7
  • Pedestrian footfall 3.850/hr.

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