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Gießener Ring
Gießener Ring
Giessen offers you a central location between the metropolitan areas of Rhine-Main and Rhine-Ruhr with an outstanding rail and road transport infrastructure. Giessen links the national motorways A 5 und A 7 (Hamburg / Basel) with the A 45 (connecting the urban area "Ruhrgebiet" with the South Hessian / North Bavarian area). The city is a significant junction but is not troubled by through traffic as it is surrounded by a circular ring road to relieve the centre.

The advantages of location and traffic connections that the city of Giessen can offer include: 

  • easy accessibility of the conurbations Rhine / Main (approx 60 minutes by car to Frankfurt airport) und Rhine / Ruhr (200 km Dortmund / 160 km Köln)
  • travelling time of about 4 - 5 hours to Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. This is especially beneficial for companies that want to keep or build up business contacts throughout the Federal Republic. Companies that are trying to find orientation to the new markets in Eastern Europe will realize that Giessen offers an ideal basis.
  • Giessen’s passenger and goods station links up with the IC-network. The goods station is a most important trading place for arriving and departing products. For passenger traffic the journey Giessen - Frankfurt takes 40 minutes. It takes about 60 minutes to get to the international airport in Frankfurt.
  • In Giessen-Lützellinden there is an aerodrome that can be used by sporting and small business planes.

Giessen provides the advantages of an excellent location surrounded by open countryside without any of the drawbacks that beset large conurbations.

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