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Market for business premises - Inquiry about business premises

We would like to give you the opportunity to inquire about business premises on the internet by using our online form. However, we would like to point out that the information is accessible without a password. Alternatively you can fill in the form on your screen, then print it and then post it to us.

Please answer the questions if you are looking for business premises in Giessen. The Department of Economic Promotion uses its own data bank to save information on all business premises that are on offer at present so your inquiry can be compared with all the available offers. We will do our utmost to pass on all the suitable offers without delay but will also keep some offers for a longer period if necessary. To keep the data bank up to date we kindly request a short message if you are no longer looking. You can send this form online or print it out and send it to us by post or by fax.
Please note that the boxes marked with * are obligatory. They must be filled in or it will not be possible to complete the form and send it in.


(Dept. of Economic Promotion)
Universitätsstadt Giessen

Berliner Platz 1
Rathaus, 4. OG
35390 Giessen

+49 641 306-1057
+49 641 306-2060


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Type of premises
Office premises (offices, practices, rooms for training, workshops etc.)
Hall (storage, production hall, workshop etc.)
Hall and free space
Business premises (offices, halls, free space)
Shop unit
Plot of land without buildings

Size of premises in m²
Minimum Maximum

Prefered ownership

Special points

Price required in Euro/ m²(excluding bills)
Monthly rent Purchase price

Location of premises (business estate, traffic connections etc.)

Amount of traffic (nuisance)

time of day

How many vehicles truck: car:


Note concerning § 18 Hessisches Datenschutzgesetz (Data Protection Act)

* I`m aware oft, that the information given in this form will be saved electronically and utilized by the Department of Economic Promotion, City of Giessen, exclusively for the purposes of fulfilling their duties. More information about data protection

Form for Interested Parties

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